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What Is A Wheat Bag?

A Wheat Bag is a fabric bag filled with non-chemically treated English whole grain A grade wheat that can be used either hot (heated in a microwave) or cold (stored in the freezer).
Our Wheat Bags are a natural alternative for treating and managing aches and pains.
How Do You Use A Wheat Bag?

A Wheat Bag is heated in the microwave for a set amount of time – each Wheat Bag has heating instructions.

Once the Wheat Bag is heated it is simply placed on an area where heat is required. Alternatively, it can be placed in a polythene bag and left in the freezer for approximately 4 hours.

How Does It Work?

Heat helps the blood vessels dilate which in turn increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to the affected area. This helps with better healing as well as quick regeneration of the damaged tissues. In addition this increased flow of blood also provides lots of nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area, all of which are imperative to better healing. Heat acts as a pain reliever by successfully stimulating the specialized pain receptors within your skin. This decreases the frequency of pain messages that are sent to the brain.
Heat therapy also helps when it comes to relaxing and loosening the tissue surrounding the area being treated.

Why Are Wheat Bags So Effective?

Our Wheat Bags easily mould to the area being treated. We have many styles and sizes that are designed to cover all parts of the body. Wheat Bags can also provide some relief from stiffness, inflammation and reduced flexibility. You need to keep in mind that heat therapy works best in the initial fifteen minutes it is applied. A Wheat Bag is a simple, handy and useful way to apply heat therapy to help relieve pain. Conveniently warm a Wheat Bag in a microwave then apply to the area of pain and benefit from the soothing warmth.

When To Use Heat Therapy?

Many physical therapists and physicians advise that the first fifteen minutes in which heat is applied to the affected area is the most beneficial. Experts also recommend that heat therapy be used before any activity such as exercising which may cause pain. When heat is applied after an exercise session it can help prevent pain and future discomfort.

Unlike cold therapy, which is also known as ice therapy, the application is not restricted to the initial 48 hours after an injury, heat can be used at almost any time there is stiffness, inflammation or pain is present. Some people suffering from arthritis have found that applying a Wheat Bag in the morning before they start the day helps them reduce pain to the point where it is easier to get through the day.

How Do I Clean My Wheat Bag?

Wheat bags are not machine washable and should be cleaned with a damp cloth and left to dry.

What If I Am Allergic To Wheat?

If you are a wheat allergy sufferer, we highly recommend you consult your doctor first before using our products.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order ?

We process and dispatch orders Monday to Friday. We aim to get your order to you as soon as possible though almost always within 2-5 days from order date.