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What Goes Into Our Wheat Bags

Our Wheat Bags

Our Wheat packs are made to the highest standard using only the best materials. They are robust and durable and made for regular use, hot or cold. These’s are really great products made from only the best fabrics available, and all wheat is free of chemicals.

Our Wheat packs are a really effective and economical way to treat injuries with the soothing power of heat. When heated in the microwave, the wheat grains absorb the heat, then distribute it evenly and effectively.
Wheat bags mold to the contours of the area being treated, and will provide soothing, temporary relief from muscle pain, cramping, tension.

 Our Lavender

We hang our lavender in a cool dry place for air to dry the flowers naturally. Once the stems and lavender flowers are dry we rub the stems together to separate the flowers. These dried lavender flowers are then sieved and cleaned to remove dust and most of the short stems.

Lavender has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. Therefore, it can also be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while also increasing mental activity. It has a well-researched impact on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it is frequently used as a treatment for insomnia and also as a way to regulate heart-rate variability. One study showed that people taking tests showed a significant decrease in mental stress and anxiety,

Our Wheat

Our wheat is locally sourced and free from chemicals. It also goes through two cleaning processes to rid any dirt and dust before we add our dried lavender flowers and a hint of essential lavender oil to make our luxurious wheat bags. Wheat has great insulation qualities due to its cellular structure, which means it can absorb heat or cold evenly. It then distributes this stored heat or cold gradually and effectively.

Fabrics we use

Made of finest cotton yarns, our Corduroy fabrics utilize a cut-pile weave construction to create the softest, strongest and most luxurious fabrics of the genre in the world,
Corduroy is extremely strong and durable.

Our most robust Wheat packs are made from 100% cotton corduroy cord,
We have a wide variety of colours for your choice.

We also offer a soft cotton and a fleece fabric. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric and is recommended to be used by those with the most delicate of skins.

Fleece is a popular fabric which comes in many colours, making the wheat bag very soft to touch and offering comfort next to the skin. The fleece material retains its soft handle even after much use.